'Dancing on the volcano' is a song that inspired Juliette Santegoeds and Esther van Wegen to start their first festival 'On the volcano'.
They meant to share societal topics that are burning in our minds and to create an artistic reaction around them. Art driven by passion.
This year we combined forces with several initiatives, creating a Shareable sharefest and OuiShare Fest satellite event in the same time.

"A two day festival about sharing arts, workshops,
food, drinks and dancing. About sharing richness in
all dimensions at the age of communities."


Annelien van Kempen

Glass artist Annelien van Kempen (1955) creates happy colorful glass bags. They symbolize the richness of the earth. The 'harvest' of nature: wool, grain, potatoes, flowers, water and rocks. Bags have a human size. They change of dimension when they are empty or being filled. A blown glass bag is 'filled' by definition. Color and form represent content.

The glass bags especially made for On The Volcano Fest are boudhinnes, they are dancing around with female forms adorned with the colors of the Dutch flowerfields.

From the richness of sharing of expression, Annelien has put into this world these bouddhinnes. Mariska Mallee, visual artist, sketched forms and chose colors. Martie van Essen, writer of poems and stories, created the poetic prose.

Inner strength

See it in her eyes
See it in her soul
The passion, the faith
The will power, the feeling
The perseverance, the patience

Inner strength
Inexhaustible source of inspiration
Colors of the soul
In soul corners
In souls holes
Strength in all her colors

Martie van Essen
May 2014

'The Boudhin'

Born out of fire and sand
Formed with air
Muted hardened

The hands to heaven
The ears keen
Reaching to the other
Transparant, full of color and light

Female beauty
Female strength
Wisdom and inner peace
Expression of versatility

Martie van Essen
May 2014

"If only I could realize how much space there is: between different solar systems or the smallest particles in quantum mechanics. There is more emptiness than material. Creating coincidence. A collaboration that will fall apart again. Everything flows, appears, disappears.
Body and spirit.
I disappear and appear as a lump of cells.
Mass and energy, consciousness and creation, birth and death.
Where do I coordinate my I?
To feel that this inner space is richness.

'Inner space'
70 x 70 cm, acryl on canvas (2013)

Denis Guzzo

"In my work I do research after the cultural landscape. The traces of the relation between people and their environment. People themselves are rarely to find in the images I capture.

I am searching for a certain degree of silence, whereby the existence of people becomes visible in the state of architecture and it's interventions with the landscape. In my recent development my intervention is mainly based on a spacial analysis, that by means of photography is being emphasized.
Hereby an addition emerges to a naked reality of the landscape object that I capture.
That's why I try to focus more on the content than on esthetics or technic. The core of my work exists out of pictures of 4x5 inch format. But I expose them in a bigger format to do justice to the content of my work. In that way I try to bring the spectator with me in my personal vision and experience.

As a photographer I base my work on an extensive research. This starts with a study after historical geographical maps and documents, conversations with experts such as scientists, historians, urban developers, citizens etc.

'Space' becomes location when with time it has been given meaning. This added definition seems to separate location from the concept 'space'. Emotional value and meaning of locations are being captured in my work. Finding the right framework and photo moment has to do with many factors. This is the reason that my work is bound to reasonably long time schedules. The extension of my work with audio visual media gives an interesting dimension to my research."


Thierry Langeweg

Thierry Langeweg (1981) is fascinated about the manufactured world surrounding us in every day life. He wonders if the (architectural) concept of a facible world is a utopia or not. A utopia increasingly becoming an objectified and oversystemetized 'dingwelt'. In his work he wants to lead the spectator through the world of philosophy, cartoonesque irony, architectural visualisations and science fiction.

Planet 2010
Out of the serie Manufactory

Ex voto
Is it richness what we are longing for?
Or that what we are taking for granted?

Ex voto
Polymer clay on cotton
52,2 x 52,2 cm


Chris de Vis

Richness is
the realization
that all is connected
with all
The people amongst each other
the earth
the water
the air
Everything is connected to everything
the life
the death
and children
All is connected with all
And the one cannot go without the other
That realization
that in the end you are not alone
That realization, that is richness, to me

Bird man with young (on base plate)
Oxidized steel
90 x 120 x 60 cm.

Annabelle Schatteman

'We become the reflections of the world around us.
They stick to us like extra layers.

Richness for me is the freedom to think, to make and to do the way that I want to.
The possibility to follow my own path.'

Roles, expectations, aspirations
35 x 30 x 15 cm.


Marleen van Lanen

Marleen van Lanen (1980) creates abstract paintings, whereby she uses other materials such as sand or textile next to acryl or oil paint,. These materials give the surface of the canvas a lively structure. Her use of colors is striking, often very bright. For this work Isurus a more understated pallet of colors has been chosen.


Saskia Schuit

'This is what I am working for, what a richness', thinks the artist of the painting, where they were standing in front of.

'Are you curious after the treasure hunting that comes before this? Look next to my artwork.'

Mixed technics

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